At Starkold, we understand that many aspects of construction can bear great environmental costs including the waste generated, materials procured and emissions created. Because of this, our Environmental department are committed to managing, monitoring and innovating ways to reduce this impact.

Waste generated

The UK Construction & Demolition sector is the highest waste producing sector, responsible for around 62% of waste generated each year. Landfill is also the UK’s second most used waste treatment method, accounting for 53 million tonnes every year. To ensure as little waste is taken to landfill and reused, we have extensive links to waste companies across the country that have a recycle rate no lower than 97% and have full reports and paper trails detailing this.

Material procurement

The UK construction industry is the largest consumer of materials and resources, consuming around 400 million tonnes of materials a year. This results in vast amounts of resource depletion and habitat loss. Sustainable procurement of these materials is therefore a vital step towards lowering this impact. Our timber products are reconditioned from our storage warehouse and where they cannot be refurbished, are bought as FSC®certified (FSC® C007915). These materials are also monitored and measured to provide important data and reports for each sites’ general environmental performance.


The UK Government has committed to cut greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. To commit to this target, the Starkold headquarters will be carbon neutral by 2020, ensuring 100% of our energy is sourced from renewable energy.  On site, we source as locally as possible to ensure that freighting and transport is kept to a minimum. We also aim to buy locally produced and grown goods to cut air miles.

Environmental Reporting and Auditing

Monitoring and measuring is a vital procedure to maintain the principles of good quality management systems upon which many standards are founded. Evidence based decision making is also a crucial part of these management systems as informed conclusions can be made. Starkold therefore monitors and measures all aspects of its operations available to our clients. These include:

  • Waste
  • Timber and materials
  • Fuel consumption
  • Carbon footprint
  • Water and energy consumption

Our team will also work with you and help where required to design bespoke environmental systems for your organisation’s operations, including the above aspectsThese will operate in line with ISO14001:2015 standards setting out criteria for effective environmental management. This will help exude professionalism and commitment to ever growing environmental concerns.

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